Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally, I got the SQL Service up and running. It is running of the hosted server

MyCloud Service

While working on this app, I found some interesting things. Here is a short summary

1. select * from sys.objects IS YOUR NEW OBJECT BROWSER

2. truncate table tablename will not work in SQL Azure - yes,drop and delete does work.

3. select @@servername will not work but select @@version does work

4. DO NOT TRY exec sp_help and exec sp_who – it will not work

5.Insert WILL NOT WORK if you forget to add a primary key on your table - For example

create table test
my_id int,
my_name varchar(10)
insert into test values (1,'abhi')
and you will get an error –“ Heaps can not be replicated tables. Please create a clustered index for the table.” . Just add a PK on my_id and things will work as expected

6. Migrating data from your local DB to the cloud is not easy - check out >

7. Copy connection string from your > page - this is the easiest and fastest way to connect your app with SQL Azure

Also,I will be presenting on SQL Azure in the upcoming SoCal Code Camp 2009 @ USC

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