Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Difference between ASP and SaaS business model

The extended Application Service Provider Service Model

The International Association of Software Architects published myarticle on SaaS - “The extended Application Service Provider Service Model” in the December 2006 issue of the “Perspectives of the IASA” magazine.


The paper will focus on the process of service delivery in an extended Application Service Providers [ASP] model. The aim of this paper is to establish the unique characteristics of an extended ASP model. Observations in this paper are based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation. This paper discusses the service delivery model, and addresses challenges and benefits of an extended ASP. It will conclude with a discussion of the service implementation strategy.

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Code Camp 2007

SoCal Code Camp : Software As Service [SaaS] for Developers presentation

What is SaaS? From Salesforce.com to workday.com, many vendors are offering Internet based, hosted software services. This business model is commonly known as SaaS. Presentation will focus on Design and Development of SaaS. We will cover the fundamentals of SaaS, service design guidelines, database considerations, operational and performance issues in SaaS domain. Presentation will be available on-line.

Download this presentation and Demo Application Source code [c#,T-SQL and ASP.NET] from :

For Refrence Please check : http://www.iasahome.org/web/home/perspectives [Download the latest issue of the Perspectives!]