Friday, March 12, 2010

What type of company are you working for?

No great company can be built on revenue model – everything should start with product. Apple, BMW, and GE – everybody had a great product and then they built revenue model around it. If we drive our development to catch up with revenue, we will be in catch-up game all the time. We will end up adding a lot of functionality for anybody who wants to buy. Every opportunity is billion dollar one and every customer is God! We get it, but if we don’t know where we want to go – any road will take us there…

Are you working for a product driven company or revenue driven one? Answers are not simple as revenue will drive the product, and product will generate revenue. But there is a litmus test, if your short term plan is in flux and you bump on new keyword every three to five weeks, chances are you are driven by sales organization. If you have people talking about same technology for long time, and have a capacity built around it, then you are working for a product driven company.

For example, iPhone, Google, ebay was not built to make millions / billions and 110% growth. First the product was designed and developed followed by growth. Now anybody trying to catch–up with these companies are investing 10 bucks, and want 40 back in two years. And we all know where this strategy is going.

Alas! We know – We understand and then We ignore…what type of company are you working for?

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